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Hostel „U vodníka“- Dolní Vltavice

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 Locality: Lipno Lake, Land register Černá v Pošumaví, D. Vltavice


Our accommodation center is right on the shore of Lipno lake in the beautiful locality with perfect environment for relaxing, outdoor sports like water sports, diving, yachting, kiting, windsurfing, hiking, cycling, fishing, rope climbing, cross-country skiing on perfectly kept tracks, skating and many many other activities. You can easily reach winter sport center in Kramolín or you can enjoy some of the Austrian winter sport centers which are also nearby: Hochficht and Schoneben. It is best for schools, sport clubs, companies or just party of friends and families with children. Vltavice

Description of our Hostel:

  • brick one floor building
  • accommodation in 2 or 5 beds rooms
  • capacity of 33 people
  • common showers and toilets
  • kitchen
  • pub with possibility of outdoor sitting with beautiful sight on the lake
  • we can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • if you let us know in advance, you can come with your pet
  • parking is right in front of hostel
  • there is asphalt and clay playground
  • campsite and fireplace
  • running yearlong
  • boat rent, see kayak rent, yacht rent
  • possibility of filling diving bottles
  • your safety will be supervised by lifeguards