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Water rescue service Č. Krumlov


Water Rescue Service is independent non-profit organization, member of ILS (International Life Saving Federation) which provides preventive rescue activities in the water or around it. It has been running in the region of Cesky Krumlov since 1983. Every year, we save tens of lives and eliminate material damages.

During the summer season, we provide 24/7 service around Lipno lake from our HQ in Dolní Vltavice (search on the map).

Our Rescue Team is ready to help during the whole year in case of criss situations.

Part of our Water Rescue Service is a Youth Team too. They are being educated in all the rescue skill and they are very successful in many competitions around Czech Republic and even on the international level.

We provide Lifeguard service in Aquapark in Frymburk. We are also participate in environmental project called “Clear Water”.

Very important part of our activities are PREVENTIVE and PROMOTIONAL actions which are focused on keeping rules of save behavior around the water, organizing SPORT and TEAMBUILDING actions, YOUTH ACTIVITIES, leading to quality spent free time(which mean, it is leading to prevent Pathological behaviour).

We also cooperate with Austrian Water Rescue and Bavarian red cross

On a special request, we are also willing to provide:

  • Technical support(diving, search and rescue, high-construction works, pulling-off boats
  • Medical supervision
  • Education training and courses (on the matter of medical, rescue, criss control atc.)
  • Sport, teambuilding and education

Our members are volunteers, trained in special rescue techniques, the also got medical, diving, high-construction works, meteorological and many other skills. If talking about our equipment, we are ready and able to work on the professional level in any criss situation.

Our Water Rescue Service HQ is in Dolni Vltavice in the building which used to be HQ of Fire brigade and because of slim support from our government, there are still missing some basic social facilities. We have to cover all the expenses from our own sources. It is very surprising that there is no interest to connect the development of Water Rescue Service together with growing infrastructure around Lipno. That's why we are not able to provide our services all year long, even though especially fishermen and yachtsmen would appreciate it. We hope that thanks of EU founds we will be able to build e new base and get our service to the level that is common in developed countries of EU.

We wouldn't be able to work without support of our partners and sponsors. We earn most of the money ourselves, making teambuildings, outdoor programs, running our Training center and through grants. Our special thanks goes to EDIKT a.s. who gave us possibility to run our Training center.

We are very proud of all the things we have accomplished in past years. We are also proud of our members who did all the work with the biggest effort, sacrifice and voluntarily. There have been 20 000 people attending our actions since 2006. We are doing a great job in prevention of drowning, saving lives and things of people in our region.